Tatiana has been playing a critical role in digital projects for over 20 years. A creative problem-solver and respected Experience Design Strategist (she has been granted a green card for her proven ‘extraordinary abilities’), her biggest talent lies in building the bridge between business goals and creative execution, fully owning and leading all matters under Digital Strategy and Experience Design.

Tatiana feels particularly passionate about strategizing the vision. She has the ability to turn reports, data and interviews with stakeholders into innovative and transformational insights, often uncovering online and offline opportunities that may have otherwise been overlooked. And when addressing the experience, Tatiana instinctively brings up all the necessary triggers, behaviors and touch points, setting up a solid foundation for UX/UI, CRM, Communications/Media and social platforms.

Deliverables provided by her and her team have been helping companies such as Diageo, Unilever, Telefonica, Motorola and Avon engage and connect with their customers—leading to increase in brand growth, loyalty and revenue.

Based in New York City, Tatiana currently works for Globant as a Senior Strategist, Customer Engagement & Experience.

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