tatiana kligerman

I’m a seasoned Experience Strategist & Designer who creates change in companies by leveraging customer engagement to optimize brand value, growth, loyalty, and revenue. Backed by a diverse background and inspired by data, business challenges and missed opportunities in the user journey, I lead the strategy and design of compelling experiences across channels. Which makes me a Communicator, too: I genuinely care about making sure that the message runs from ‘A’ to ‘B’ as smoothly as possible.

It all starts with understanding user behavior and combining insights with what we already know, highlighting frictions and areas of opportunity. Next, laying out recommendations and a roadmap that will later translate into flows and their multiple touch points, orchestrated into one cohesive story. And last but not least, designing what those customer-facing interactions will look like, in the form of prototypes and mockups. Those steps, right there, are where you’ll see me at my best, and not surprisingly where I add the most value to the brands I have the privilege of working with.

My diverse background reflects the nice mix of industries that crossed my path while working for consultancies, agencies, and corporations. Deliverables provided by me and my teams include insights reports, content/market audits, strategy decks, and actionable recommendations (illustrated by journey maps, flows, prototypes, comps), in global/regional/local projects for companies like Unilever, Santander, Motorola, Avon, Shutterstock and the NBA.

Based in New York City, I currently work for Globant as a Senior Strategist, Customer Engagement & Experience.


Tatiana Kligerman
+1 646-460-7062
New York, NY